Promoting the highest ideals of fair play

BCHSGRA is responsible for the management and execution of both XVs and Sevens Rugby for female High School teams in British Columbia.

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for the BC High School Girls' Rugby Association
written, June 1, 1993
last updated on June 1, 2015

Part #1: Girls' High School Rugby Guidelines  

  • Contribute toward the improvement of the health, fitness and general welfare of all individuals taking part in the program.
  • Engage a maximum number of students in both the activity and administrative areas of the program.
  • Encourage all student-athletes to make a contribution to the general education program of the school.
  • Encourage all student-athletes to reach their full academic and educational potential.
  • Ensure that loss of instructional time be kept to a minimum while offering appropriate competitive opportunities.
  • Ensure that the safety and welfare of all student-athletes should always be paramount. Adequate protective equipment and safety precautions should be utilized for all practices, training sessions and interschool competitions.
  • Recommend that each student-athlete have an annual medical examination prior to participating during that school year.
  • Recommend that each student-athlete and parent / legal guardian be advised to carry appropriate insurance coverage. Each individual that participates in the BCHSGRA structure will be insured through the British Columbia Rugby Union and Rugby Canada.
  • Promote the highest ideals of fair play by coaches, student- athletes, students and spectators in accordance with the BCHSGRA Codes of Conduct.
  • Encourage coaches to report unsportsmanlike conduct and misbehaviour to the School Administrator, Zone Co-Coordinator and the Executive of the BCHSGRA as soon as possible

The complete BCHSGRA Rules & Guidelines listed below require the use of Adobe Reader which is a free program that can be downloaded here.

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Part #1: Girls' High School Rugby Guidelines  

Part #2: Community Coach Guidelines  

Part #3: Coach's Responsibilities  

Part #4: Penalties for Violations  

Part #5: Procedures for Dealing with a Coach's Ejection  

Part #6: Team Eligibility  

Part #7: Tier Classification  

Part #8: Student Eligibility  

Part #9: Number of Years of Eligibility  

Part #10: Student Transfers